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October 02, 2013


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Matt - Couldn't agree more. There's typically so little time spent talking about purpose and impact (and often even less time on structure) and way too much on aesthetics.

This takes time, focus and a shared understanding of goals. It also requires pulling resources away from those elements that aren't priorities so that more can be poured into those that are. That's where the wheels often come off.

My problem with redesigns are they don't answer a fundamental question: what is the site supposed to get people to do? "get information" isn't a goal, and yet it is the thing most pages on a redesigned website do. We throw a coat of paint, add some bells and whistles, but rarely do we stake the ground with a goal (more virtual tours, more alums at events, a more perspective students defining entrepreneurship as a defining characteristic.

All are possible, all would need more than Google analytics to measure. It would take a redesign of the work flow, leading to a new website with, perhaps, a coat of pain and bells and whistles.

/ rant.

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